At Auntie Annie’s Fields, we raise chickens and hogs on organic feed and respect.

Our family-run, pasture-based farm is committed to the well-being of people, animals and the land.

We’re located 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities, off I-35


We sell hogs by halves and wholes. They’re raised the old fashioned way, in a very small herd that lives pig-pen with a yard. There they eat organic feed, our hens’ eggs, hay from our land, and garden scraps. Our hogs never receive hormones. To learn more, click the button below. Place a deposit now for pork in the fall.

Farming mixes the awe-inspiring with the mundane in ways that fill us with joy and break our hearts. When I can, I write about it.

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Chicken and eggs

We raise all our chicken on pasture, also feeding them organic chicken feed. Some breeds are raised for meat, and others are raised for eggs. Right now, we’re selling our chicken meat and eggs wholesale only.

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