Virtual farm tours

Over the winter, because the pandemic has been so isolating for people, we are offering virtual farm tours to groups of adults with disabilities. Using Zoom (or a similar platform) we share a slideshow and talk about our farm and our work, then answer questions. If you want us to present virtually at a dayContinue reading “Virtual farm tours”

An eggy mess

Refurbishing my family room has involved a few trips to the Used a Bit furniture store. On my first visit, I considered a large coffee table. An elegant clerk appreciated the table with me and said that it would be the perfect size to spread out a big puzzle that the family could solve together,Continue reading “An eggy mess”

Buying the feed bins

My children’s grandmothers used to lament that we rarely took our kids to museums or movies because farming always keeps us so busy. What the gramdas don’t understand is that farming offers all of the excitement of movies and museums. Even better, all of that excitement is huge and tactile and sometimes threatens to rollContinue reading “Buying the feed bins”

On March sunshine

The sun is growing stronger. Even when the temperature was below zero outside, sun rays heated the black asphalt until the snow melted and turned into vapors of steam that played on the road. Snow caught in the branches of evergreens melted in the frigid weather, making shiny icicles below the white caps on theContinue reading “On March sunshine”


Roosters can be a problem or a source of sweetness in our laying flock. A ruffian of a rooster chases hens mercilessly, clambering on their backs and pecking them hard as a matter of principle. We can’t keep a rooster like that. A caring rooster on the other hand is gentlemanly an encourages his ladiesContinue reading “Roosters”

Starting the blog anew

Because of technical difficulties, we lost all of our blog content that I posted over the years. As part of redoing our website, I was able to find a couple of the older essays (about roosters and March sunshine,) along with newer posts.

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