Buying half a hog for 2023

We are sold out for 2022. Thank you so much for your support!

You could make a deposit to reserve your half hog for 2023


About us

We are a family with a very small farm 45 minutes south of Minneapolis. We are raising chickens and hogs on certified organic feed and caring for the land as best we can. We have a total of 10 hogs for sale this year, and they were all raised in a traditional, old-fashioned non-industrial way. Buying your pork from us supports the environment and the local food system, and it give your family meat that’s fit for kings.

About our hogs

We sell hogs by halves and wholes. Our hogs eat organic feed, hay from our own (unsprayed) land, garden scraps and our hens’ eggs. They live in a small herd of 10 hogs in an old fashioned pig pen where they like to nap in their shady shelter during the day and outside under the stars at night in a pile of hay.

We have not given them hormones or antibiotics or anything except food and water.


We charge $4.50 per pound HANGING WEIGHT. That means that a half a hog might cost $520 including standard processing. That figure is for a hog with a live weight of 275 lbs. This could vary significantly based on the weight of the hog as well as the complexity of the processing order. For example, an order with more smoked goods and sausages will cost more than an order with just simple cuts of meat.

How much pork

Half a hog yields very roughly 70 lbs of pork. You should plan that a half hog will need 3.5 cu ft of freezer space.

  • 12 to 14 pounds of pork chops
  • 3 4-pound shoulder roasts
  • 3 pounds of spare ribs
  • 8-10 pounds of bacon
  • 15-18 pounds of ham
  • 2 hocks
  • 6 to 10 pounds of ground pork or sausage
  • Additional products: heart, liver, tongue, fat and lard

Placing a cutting order

You will call Edel’s Meat Market in Montgomery mid-October to place your cutting order (507) 364-7710. They can guide you through what kind of sausages they have and what choices are available to you. Your pork will be ready in late October or early November.

Pickup and delivery

You pick up your pork at Edel’s in Montgomery, MN. Edel’s will collect two payments from you — one for hog itself, and one for their processing.

If picking up the pork is an obstacle for you, we can deliver it to you in Minneapolis, St Paul, $50. We can deliver it to Northfield or Faribault for $30. There will be only one delivery date scheduled in an evening in late October or early November. (We will be sure this date works for you before we accept payment for delivery from you.) The pork will be delivered in reusable thermal bags which will be yours to keep. We will not be able to store pork for anyone who can’t make their delivery time. If you want this service, you pay for the hog and the processing via PayPal once we get the exact numbers, so no money is due at the time of the delivery.

Email us to discuss using this service.

Here’s a helpful chart from University of Minnesota’s Extension.


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